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This week we have the art of drafting, an easy cross-training alternative, and anti-doping.

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The Art of Drafting to Run Faster

The Art of Drafting to Run Faster

Live racing is back, and we are all super excited. Let’s just hope it’s not as awkward as when we got back to socializing.

And if you want to shave a few seconds, even minutes of your time, without any extra training, you need to learn to draft.

When you draft behind other runners, you reduce the drag, or stop force, of the wind. You can think of drafting as a way to get rid of the wind, partially at least.

Eliud Kipchogue used a highly complex formation of pacers to reduce his drag when he ran the famous sub-2 hour marathon. But you don’t need 40 professional runners to see significant benefits from dragging.

According to this study (click to see impressive image representations), there is a simple way to reduce drag by up to 75.6%.

What’s the perfect way to draft?

Let’s start by saying that it’s not in the middle of a bunch of runners -having runners at your sides doesn’t help at all.

The best way to draft is to place yourself right behind a runner and in front of another.

With this formation, you can improve your running economy by up to 3.5%, leading to velocity gains of 2.3%. This translates to 154 s (≈ 2.6 min) saved over a marathon distance.

2.5 minutes for free, yes please! Just remember, one runner in front and one in the back, and you are good to go.


Cross Training - Jump Rope Routine

Cross Training - Jump Rope Routine

Let’s start by saying that we hate “miraculous” routines to improve running. You know, like: “3 Easy Steps to…”, or, “5 Stretches you need…”.

99% of those videos and articles are click-bait and don’t give you any real advice you can incorporate into your training.

That’s why we will explain why it can be wise to incorporate jump rope into your routine and how to do it.


Jump rope is an excellent option for runners that suffer from constant Achilles injuries because it builds calf strength and increases the elasticity of the Achilles.

It’s also what All-American track runner Sarah Brown did to get back after multiple surgeries.

How to do it?

The cool thing about this routine is that it only takes 10 minutes of your time. You can do it as a warm-up on easy days, a strength training session, or a rest day to keep yourself active.

You don’t need to change your training or add another complicated thing. Just get your rope and jump for 10 minutes.

The Routine

5 Rounds of:

  • 2-footed hops (10) — focus on limiting the amount of time your feet are touching the ground.
  • Single-leg, right (10)
  • Single-leg, left (10)
  • Alternate leg (20)

That’s it. You are done. Take a little break between rounds if you want, and with time you will be able to do it all at once.

And if you need a new rope, we use this one —5 years and still going strong.


Shelby Houlihan Loses Appeal Against her Ban

Shelby Houlihan Loses Appeal Against her Ban

There is nothing more sad and infuriating than athletes trying to cheat and dope themselves. And it’s worse when they say they are innocent when there is hard evidence proving otherwise.

That’s the case of American middle-distance runner Shelby Houlihan when on June 15 got a 4-year ban from testing positive for nandrolone, a banned substance.

She claimed that a contaminated pork burrito caused her positive test, and she appealed the decision.

Well, on September 1, the Athletics Integrity Unit, which tests athletes on behalf of World Athletics, released a 44-page CAS report on the decision in Houlihan’s case.

The 4-year ban was upheld.

Here are two interesting points about their decision:

  • Houlihan’s attorneys said she must have consumed uncastrated boar meat to trigger a positive test. But the food truck in Beaverton, Oregon, where Houlihan ate, orders its pork from a Tyson plant that does not process boar meat.
  • The levels of nandrolone found in Houlihan’s urine sample were two to three times higher than they would have been from eating contaminated food.

What do you think about doping?


  • Book of the monthNo Limits: The Will to Succeed  – Michael Phelps. This book is not specifically about running. But it will help you become a better athlete.
  • Usain Bolt releases debut reggae album. Listen to a song here.
  • Does Carbo-Loading Even Really Work?. Maybe what you need is fat loading.

Happy running, and see you next week.

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