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Some of Our Speakers' Certifications

2020 Was A Struggle…
And Everything Has Changed!

Races got canceled, motivation was a struggle, and we looked for new ways to have goals and keep running.

And no matter how 2021 turns out, you can make it your best running year ever.

We gathered the best runners, coaches, and experts in the world to teach you the right tools, strategies, and motivation to help you achieve it.

Introducing: The Happy Runner Summit

A two-day, online exclusive, live event to help you take your running to the next level.

Our experienced organizers will be with you every step of the way! We’ll set up ways for you to stay connected with fellow runners and to make it an epic experience.

Meet the Fantastic Speakers

Richelle Weeks

Masters in Physiotherapy

In her session “What You Must Know About Strength Training for Runners” you will learn why all runners should be doing strength training. The main exercises runners should focus on. How strength training can be incorporated into a running routine.

Mike Wardian

Ultra-Runner World Champion

In his session “Growth Mindset and Ultra-running” you will learn Mike’s strategies to run injury free and how to change your mindset as you age. You can still be competitive, run fast and crush records no matter your age.

Alex Hutchinson

Author - "Endure - Mind, Body & Running Performance"

In his session “Mind, Body, and Running Performance” you will learn the role of the brain in determining our physical limits, the importance of mindset, and the power the self-talk, and how failure can lead to better performance in the future. 

Segun Makinde

Olympic Track & Field Athlete

In his session “Tapping Into Your Inner Olympian” you will learn the three types of action you can take and use it as a practical way to shift your mindset to take action going into 2021. Segun believes that being an Olympian is more than just going to the Olympic Games, you can have an Olympian Mindset.

Nicholas Thompson

CEO "The Atlantic" - Former Editor in Chief "Wired"

In his session “Aging, Marathon, and Technology” you will learn the amazing journey that Nick took to run his fastest marathon ever at age 43. And then he broke his own PR at 44 twice.  All it took was tech, training, and a new understanding of his life.

Diego Alcubierre

Ironman Certified Coach & Bannister co-Founder.

In his session “Inside the Training of Successful Amateur Runners” you will learn the difference in the training of successful amateur runners and the ones that seem to be stuck forever, and how you can start training smarter.

Dr. Alison Marie Helms

NASM & Pre/Postnatal Certified
In her session “Running for Woman Through Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond” you will understand the changes that happened in the body during pregnancy, what exactly that means for running (potentially even years or decades later), and how intentional, specific strength training can be used to run again with confidence.

Dr. Patrick Wilson

Author - "The Athletes' Gut"

In his session “The Athletes’ Gut: The Inside Science of Digestion, Nutrition, and Stomach Distress” you will learn the prevalence of different types of gut distress, experienced by athletes, the underlying causes, strategies for avoiding and managing gut issues.

Rick Prince

UESCA Founder and Director
In his session “What It Takes To Be A Great Coach” you will learn the common misconceptions about what makes a qualified coach, what traits a great coach has, why coaches fail, and how to choose the right one for you.

Dr. Garrett de Jong

Doctor in Chiropractic

In his session “Run Less, Move More” you will learn how to prevent injury, run faster, run further, run happier, and run for life. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! Garrett has a fantastic easy to follow approach to training that will blow your mind.

Mark Black

Resilience expert, coach, and author
In his session “The Resilience Roadmap: How to Thrive Through Times of Adversity and Change” you will learn how how to leverage your time and energy effectively, and how to set and reach big goals. Mark is the only man in history to run a marathon with someone else’s heart and lungs.

Tesca Andrew-Wasylik

Certified Pelvic Physiotherapist

In her session “Your Pelvic Floor and Running: What’s “Normal” Anyways?” you will learn What/where the pelvic floor is, the main functions of the pelvic floor and how it relates to running, and how to recognize pelvic floor issues and what to do to fix them

Nathan Kwok

General Manager for Sports 4
In his session “Shoes 101 – Finding the Best Pair for You” you will learn will learn about the different segments of footwear, what questions they should be asking when shopping for shoes, and the importance of consultation when adding to your running tool kit.

Alan Brookes

Race Director for Canada Running Series
In his session “The Return to Racing in 2021: what lies ahead?” you will learn where we are now in terms of road racing globally; what we can realistically expect for Canada Running Series 2021; and the importance of the community understanding and working together for success.

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