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We’ve had an influx of new runners joining the newsletter in the last few weeks. Thanks, everyone! So, we thought it would be super valuable to share the most liked newsletters so far.

We also have some interesting facts about the New York Marathon.

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New York City Marathon 2021 Facts

New York City Marathon 2021 Facts
  • It was the 5th edition of the race.
  • Men’s Winner: Albert Korir – 2:08:22 – It’s his first major marathon title. He placed second in 2019.
  • Women’s Winner: Peres Jepchirchir – 2:22:39 – She also won the gold medal in the Olympics. The first woman to win an Olympic gold medal and the NYC marathon in the same year.
  • They were both wearing the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 shoe (probably the next shoe we will try).
  • It’s the same shoe that won Boston.
  • Our hero Kenenisa Bekele finished 6th in 2:12:52.
  • Larry Tractenberg is the only man to have run the first New York City Marathon in 1970 and the 50th.
  • Larry paid $1 to race in 1970. It cost $295 this year.
  • Here is a bunch of celebrities that ran the race. Full disclosure: We don’t know who 90% of them are.


The Best of the Best

The Best of the Best

Below you can find links to the five most loved newsletter pieces of the past months.

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  5. 2 Second per mile faster per pound.

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